Blockant step elements are the ideal solution for outside staircases in the private and in the public sector. The consistently high quality and the easy laying, combined with individual colour- and surface design, makes the Blockant a popular and durable step element. The slightly conically built steps are known for their sturdiness, and are often used in landscaping and gardening. The concrete quality of the Blockant step elements is C30/37 with air-entraining agents, that ensure a high stability, as well as protection against frost and de-icing salt. The Blockant step elements are produced in variable lengths from 50 cm to 300 cm, according to your wishes. As standard surface we offer you smooth, sandblasted surfaces in gray. An individual colour design is possible.

Statically individually determined reinforcement cage made of reinforcing steel B500 A/B with all-sided concrete cover according to EN 1992-1-1 in consideration of the required exposure classes.

Areas of application: 
gardening and landscaping // staircases


Footfall: 35 cm
Step width: 50 – 300 cm
Heights (H): 15 cm
Load case:
1 (p = 5,00 kN/m2)
Visible side: outside
standard rough abraded

Exposure classes: 
XC1 – XC4, XS1 – XS2, XD1 – XD2, XF1 – XF4, XA1 – XA2,
Sizing: acc. to DIN EN 1992-1-1
Quality of concrete: standard C 30/37 LP; 
Colour: gray and others
Surface: sandblasted, structured
Edges: framed 10 x 10 mm
Transport system:
standard: stripping hook



Lastfall 1

Höhe F kg
15 0 63
15 0 94
15 0 126
15 0 158
15 0 189
15 0 220
15 0 252
15 0 315
15 0 378

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