Corner solutions

Variable inside and outside corners

For many construction projects, corner formations are unavoidable. To solve this problem we are offering, complementary to our angle supporting walls, various functional corner solutions. As standard solutions we provide 90° or 135° outside and inside corners up to a height of 500 cm. On customer's request we also produce corner elements with different angles.

As standard solutions we provide 90° inside and outside corners with straight abutting edges. Also, individual solutions like 135° inside and outside corners, as well as variable angles according to your wishes, can easily be produced.

On the footside, socket plugs M16 are intended as a moving aid and mounting tool for the one-pieced outside edges. For example, with the help of rope loops M16, these can be moved and mounted.

If a corner element connects to angle supporting walls with a foot length of more than 45 cm at BI 50 cm (95 cm at BI 100 cm), another element with a shortened base (connecting part) has to be inserted (if required, please order as well). The bases of this connecting part have to be connected with the regular element, as well as the corner element, by a reinforced top concrete layer.

Corners have to be poured with a layer of concrete of the quality of at least C20/25, with a strength of d > = 20. Reinforcement below and above with at least Q335A.

Outside corners

Inside Corners

Variable inside and outside corners Inside and outside corners with rounded curves

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