Finishing elements

That certain something for your concrete elements


You can get angle brackets from Westerwelle in all colours. Whether it's classically subtle in anthrazite, or maybe more striking in strong, bright colours, Westerwelle realizes your ideas. Just give us the requested colour shade in HKS or Pantone. Please note that our angle brackets are manufactured with gray concrete. Hence despite of mixing in full-tone colours there is always a certain gray part in it. All pure colours can be realized by further production steps. Just ask us!


For all angle brackets that serve as facade's design or stand in the visual range, we offer our customers the opportunity to influence the natural play of light and shadows on the wall by choice of structure and structure arrangement and, depending on position of the sun and incidence of light, emphasize or recede in the background. Choose from our numerous possibilities. Please note, that due to production-related reasons our angle brackets are manufactured with a structural depth of 20 mm.
RECKLI┬«-structure matrixes offer the architect, planner or client almost indefinite design possibilities by standard textures and individual makings.

Surface - Anti-Graffiti

A facade is the figurehead of an object, An anti-graffiti coating invisibly protects concrete surfaces of any kind from vandalism by graffiti. The colourless impregnation preserves long-lastingly and already can be applied on the fresh concrete without changing its look and its texture. The long-lasting protection and its weather resistance makes maintenance of facades, that are impregnated with a coating, particularly easy and economical.

Surface - Hydrophobic treatment

To hydrophobate building material, means making it water-repellant, or at least to reduce its water absorption. The hydrophobated ingredient coats the inner pores and capillary surfaces and thereby makes them water-repellant. However, the pores and capillaries are not sealed by this process. That means, the breathing activity of the building material stays unaffected. All hydrophobic agents on the basis of silicone-organic compounds need moisture in order for it to react to become an active ingredient (silicone resin). This moisture is available on any building material in a sufficient quantity (absorbed). For an optimal efficiency it is necessary that the silicone resin molecules are bound solidly on the surface of the building material, and that the water-repellant parts of the molecule can reach into the open pore space. A hydrophobic treatment contributes to the protection against weahering and defects. If you wish for a hydrophobic protection, please ask us.

Illumination and planting

Our angle brackets can be furthermore embellished with design elements: For instance, illuminations can be placed in the angle brackets, which guarantee to be an eye-catcher at night! But also safety is important to us: We can put luminaries into stair steps that make sure that even at night you don't overlook the steps. Furthermore, on request we can equip our elements with watered plant holes, by which the angle brackets can be decorated with a certain freshness and liveliness. The decorative accent for ramps, driveways or parking lots!


Astonish with a special lettering in your finished part, for instance your name or a year specification. Harmonically worked into the surface, you lend a real eye-catcher to your element. This kind of decoration is an always popular and elegant possibility for designing concrete - and also effective! Gladly, we also craft your name in exposed concrete letters. 


Sandblasted surfaces are available in the qualities fine, medium and roughly sandblasted. Depending on the quality of the surface, the sandblasting becomes visible to a lesser or greater extent. The surface roughness, which is exposed after sandblasting it, appears in its natural play of colours. As aggregate we use, among other things, pearl. We recommend the making of a sample.

Non-slip surfaces

Non-slip surfaces always provide surefootedness! That way all sorts of concrete surfaces in different shapes and sizes can be equipped with a certain surface structure that ensures your surefootedness. Anti-slip categories R11, R13 can be manufactured on request. Also, individually adaptable colours just as you wish for. 

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