Form components

Various uses


Blockant step elements are the ideal solution for outside staircases in the private and in the public sector. The consistently high quality and the easy laying, combined with individual colour- and surface design, makes the Blockant a popular and durable step element. The slightly conically built steps are known for their sturdiness, and are often used in landscaping and gardening. The concrete quality of the Blockant step elements is C30/37 with air-entraining agents, that ensure a high stability, as well as protection against frost and de-icing salt. The Blockant step elements are produced in variable lengths from 50 cm to 300 cm, according to your wishes. As standard surface we offer you smooth, sandblasted surfaces in gray. An individual colour design is possible.

Sleeve foundations

Sleeve foundations - foundations made of concrete with a device, that makes the inclusion of a bracket easy. The sizes of the lower concrete panel and the device can be manufactured exactly according to the static requirements. The device shows a sufficient indentation, so that the inserted angle can be optimally solidified for a durable and reliable connection. Steel reinforcement additionally ensures a lasting stability. Also with this product, you can determine shape and colour individually.


Carports are the ideal solution for protecting your car or objects that are to be stored and sheltered outside. A carport made of concrete offers optimal durability, protecting from wind and weather - and plus, looks elegant as well! Whether it's in classic anthrazite or other colours: our concrete can be adapted individually according to your wishes, and customized even in shape and size. On top of that, we offer various and different structures, and hence countless options to build up your carport individually. So a carport made from our angle brackets gives the static opportunity to everyone, to protect anything you can't take in the house.


Wells are constructions for water extraction and a beautiful option for decorating - whether it's in your own garden or in public. Even building concepts for wells don't constitute a problem for us: We offer optimal solutions with our skills. On request a protective coating can be applied, that makes graffiti easily removable. Just as you like, according to your ideas, wishes and demands!

Wall coverages

Wall coverages of any shape, size and colour are not a problem for us either. Thus we can guarantee that your wall will always be wind- and weatherproof, and will be manufactured in high quality. By choosing different surface structures you can play wonderfully with light and shadow!

Floor panels

In all possible shapes, sizes and structures: our floor panels provide for high-quality. You can find them almost everywhere in everyday life, whether in parks or as terrace design for your own home - our floor panels offer you a great opportunity to create paths and spaces! Thereby the structure of the surface is individually selectable and can provide for an interesting play of light and shadow.


With individually manufactured concrete elements you create a safe and optically top-quality transition for any area of application. We can gladly manufacture these with non-slip surfaces for you. Just ask us.


For everybody who loves the extraordinary, there is also a way to integrate photographs into the angle bracket. The texturizing of exposed concrete surfaces by using elastic RECKLI-R-structure matrixes has proven itself qualitatively and economically countless times over. Their elasticity enables easy demoulding, free from breakage from the concrete as well as from the form, even from complicated structures with kernings or undercuts. RECKLI-R-structure matrixes offer the architect, planner or client almost indefinite design possibilities by standard textures and individual makings.

Seat blocks

Seat blocks with our precast concrete elements in terms of optical separations, comfortable seatings or creating steps in your garden.

Drain shafts

Through drain shafts, damming water can be drained easily with the help of a sluice. That way you can, for instance, react to damming rainwater in the wake of heavy rain or a long-lasting rain period, and the water can be channeled easily through the shaft. It is important that the concrete is dense and durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Here again, shape, size and structure can be adjusted individually to your wishes.

Light shaft

Light shafts you can find in everyday life almost everywhere. It's important that they withstand optimally, are weatherproof and hence dense. And that is guaranteed by us! We offer finished parts for light shafts in different sizes and shapes, individually adjusted to your wishes. Functional and durable - that way our finished parts give you the opportunity to bring some daylight to underground rooms and also air them. Just talk to us and together we will find a solution for your shaft concept and adjust your finished part optimally!

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