Megablok is the ideal solution for various uses like: bulk material plants for building materials trade, scrap yards, recycling yards, building yards, storage places, gravel and concrete plants, agriculture, view protection or flood protection. The plug system is usable without mortar and modifiable at any time. The underground must be even and sufficiently sustainable. (Concrete / asphalt) start and end are to be secured with steel straps.

Areas of application: bulk material boxes


Width: 80 cm
Overall length: 80 cm, 160 cm
Heights (H): 80 cm
Load case:
1 (p = 5,00 kN/m2)
special loading conditions possible 
Visible side: both-sided exposed concrete;
standard rough abraded

Exposure classes: 
XC1 – XC4, XS1, XD1, XF1, XA1
Type I: 2457 kg;
Type II: 1229 kg 
Sizing: acc. to DIN EN 1992-1-1
Quality of concrete: standard C 30/37; 
any higher quality of concrete is available
Colour: gray and others
Surface: exposed concrete, smooth;
Edges: framed 10 x 10 mm
Transport system:
standard: stripping hook 
alternatively: sleeve cases, wave anchors, etc.


Build length 160

Lastfall 0

Höhe F kg
80 0 2380

Build length 80

Lastfall 0

Höhe F kg
80 0 1190

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