Concrete is a universally applicable material - inconspicuous, functional, uniquely beautiful, always useful.
Our concrete elements are made of high-grade concrete of the quality C 30/37 according to DIN 1045:2001-07, any other concrete quality available on request.

Our services go far beyond the manufacture of first-class concrete elements. We provide detailed advice on how to use them, on request, we prepare structural calculations for individual projects, we calculate load cases, give recommendations for installation, give advice on how to lay them, surfaces, colours, qualities of concrete and much more. And, if requested by you, we recommend specialized companies in your region for moving our elements. 

In order to assure the high quality of our products, careful and conscientous work has top-priority during the whole production process. This starts with the choice of raw materials and the testing of their quality.

The production process includes the following phases:

Mixing and processing

The natural components such as cement, sand and gravel necessary for the production of concrete are stored in big and well-ventilated silos. In computer-operated, high performance mixing plants and by adding water, we produce liquid concrete.

The reinforcement

Apart from the choice of the appropriate type of concrete, reinforcement cages made of reinforcing steel BST 500 S - adapted precisely to the dimensions of the finished product - are the second main component for the manufacture of our concrete elements.


Statically determined reinforcement cages are inserted in the casting moulds and then filled with liquid concrete. By fitting spacers, a sufficient overlap of the reinforcement is ensured. The concrete element is not taken out from the casting moulds until it has completely set.


Finished concrete elements are stored in large volume on our premises and are ready for collection or delivery at any time.

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