Special components made of angle brackets

With us you master every challenge

Angle brackets with bevelled upper edge

Our angle brackets with a bevelled upper edge can be used for a number of building projects. Also, they are individually adaptable! Because the choice of colour is up to you: you can choose your angle bracket in subtle anthrazite or classic brown shades, but also striking and strong colours are available. Besides, the slants can be manufactured precisely according to your wishes, and the sizes can be customized as well. Durable, plain and functionable - and perfect for different load models as well! An elegant and timeless solution for any kind of building project. Individual slants possible!


When designing gardens and parks, the emphasis is on optical aspects. With Zirkant-angle brackets, nearly all forms of laying are possible:
straight lines, rectangular or round configurations, as well as imaginative wavy lines with multiple curves. Whether entrances are to be supported, curves to be bordered or round plant beds to be laid out - Zirkant-angle brackets help to put individual projects into practice at a low cost. The sandblasted surface and the large variety of colours make the Zirkant an attractive design element.


On request the 25er-angle brackets can fulfill the requirements of the ZTV-ING in terms of wall thickness, concrete covering, concrete quality and material of the spacers. The exposure classes XF2 and XD2 acc. to ZTV-ING in relation to DIN 1045.2001 part 1-4, and the DIN technical report 100 are complied with. The elements are executed with a continous wall and base length of 25 cm, whereas the transition between wall and base is reinforced by a gorge haunch with the measures 25/25cm. Please note that our standard angle brackets don't fulfill the constructive minimum reinforcement acc. to DIN FB 102 of d10 mm/20 cm lengthwise and crosswise. Such a reinforcement is available on request for a surcharge. As standard and in accordance with ZTV-ING, our angle brackets are manufactured with a mesh reinforcement cage plus bar steel secondary reinforcement according to static requirement. If an auditable static calculation in consideration of ZTV-ING or DIN FB 102 is to be issued, this is possible for a surcharge. 
Static basics: density 19 KN/m3; Phi: 35 degree, Delta: 2/3 Phi; allowable footing pressure < 250 KN/m2; load assumption on request. If a production documentation is to be issued and handed over, its extent in the individual case has to be agreed upon and reimbursed.

Elements with HDPE-seal

Scope "Version with HDPE-seal": both-sided slot to include the HDPE-seal into the side walls of the component back (no seals between the bases!). Also the delivery of the tubular seals that are adjusted to the bracket height, these tubes have to be inserted on the part of the building site. If the height of the angle brackets are staggered and the length of the slots and seals have to be adjusted to other conditions, this has to be notified together with the installation sequence so we can implement it perfectly. If you have any questions we are glad to advise you!

Circular segments

With our circular segment concepts every building project is rounded off optimally! In the truest sense of the word: because our circular segments with our angle brackets are a real eye-catcher and also functional! For instance, they can serve as boundaries for driveways in subterranean garages or parking lots, that have to be built up in circuits. They are wind- and weatherproof and can be protected with a special coating if requested, that makes graffiti easy to remove. And not to forget: shape and colour are adapted according to your wishes! Circular segments with angle brackets from Westerwelle - the perfect, static and proper solution for all concepts!

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